Rather than try to come up with a list of prophecies of the Second Coming, I will link to this page on another website instead: 

101 Signs Foretelling the Second Coming.

This is an impressive and comprehensive list. I don't agree completely with all the explanations, but the list of 101 prophecies is terrific.

I do want to say again that the ONE sign in particular we should pay special attention to is the Nation of Israel. It's an unbelievable miracle that the Jews are a Nation once again after 1900 years.

The people in this world have suffered from many calamities  down through the centuries; therefore suffering alone is not a sign of End Times. Even though everybody certainly wished it was! 

But Israel is a very specific sign of the End. And Jesus said that once we saw these things happening, he would return in the span of a man's lifetime. Therefore, it could be anytime now. 

The list of 101 prophecies is further confirmation that world events are moving toward earth's final conclusion. 

The FIRST EVENT of the Tribulation is the WHITE Horseman, which I believe is the widespread Deception that sweeps the earth. Only the very Elect will recognize how dangerous the New Age of Deception is, and the Bible says that if possible, even the Elect might be decieved. 

The SECOND EVENT of the Tribulation is the entrance of the RED Horseman; who brings murder and violence to the earth. I can't help but wonder if we're seeing the events of Revelation beginning to happen.

The world has always suffered under horrible wars and violence as kings and tribes struggled for land, domination and wealth. But I don't know if anyone can recall a time when murders and mass killing happened so frequently, for no reason, targeting children and civilians who were merely going about their daily routine and activities. It's a strange world we've become... And it is happening around the world, for various reasons (not only in the USA.) 

The THIRD EVENT of the Tribulation is the entrance of the Black Horseman; which represents Famine. We can see a great famine coming, as relentless drought destroys crops in many key areas of the world. Worldwide famine has not come upon us yet, but it's a possibility... unless crops are better in the next year or two, everyone will begin to notice the affects of drought. 

Remember, also, that the initial events of the Tribulation are mild compared to what happens in the second half. That is when destruction of the world begins with great intensity.

Is this possible? Could earth be destroyed in a short period of time? Recently an asteroid flew by earth, closer than the moon's orbit. Scientists can predict many of these large space rocks, but this particular asteroid was spotted only two days before the fly-by. If it had actually struck earth, it might have destroyed hundreds of square miles.

So yes... there are many things that are possible. Explosions on the sun, unexpected large asteroids... Maybe we should recognize that God's mercy has maintained the fragile life that's on this planet, and thank Him for His protection.